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Chủ đề: RegalNailStore - Sale Hot -17% Alden 75i Pedicure Spa Chair

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Valid Until : July - 31, 2019
$̶̶2̶̶,5̶̶9̶̶5̶̶.̶̶0̶̶0̶ Sale 
👉 $2,150.00
Link Product : 
Toll Free: 1-888-606-9799
Mail : info@regalnailstore.com
Alden 75i Pedicure Spa Chair

The Alden features several important benefits for spa owners that make this one of our best-selling pedicure chairs. The Alden includes a dual-function spray hose that can also double as a spout for true flexibility in filling pedicure basins. The sloping front of the chair allows easy access to the client but also protects the technician’s back from strain. The remote-controlled massage feature offers knead, tap and roll functions and can be adjusted to the client’s strength preferences.

Part of Whale Spa’s high end line of chairs, the Alden is a beautiful choice and a good investment. As with all Whale Spa chairs, this one is engineered for maximum space efficiency and is guaranteed to withstand the hardest use. Beautiful simulated leather covering, real wood arms and a choice of khaki, cappuccino or chocolate colors make the Alden a perennial favorite.

Spa Chair
• Advanced human-like full or desired select function massage with timer
• Finest quality & finely detailed ultra-leather upholstery
• Auto adjustable – forward/backward and recliner
• Air pocket massage on seat adds to your clients overall comfort and relaxation
• Swing up/down armrests for easy access

Pedicurist Chair
• Awesome adjustable pedicurist stool with high quality, strong, polished chrome legs. Uniquely designed for your comfort. Heavy duty casters are standard, as is the color coordinated soft seat cushion and back support.

Manicure Tray
• Laminate wood manicure trays to provide a stable platform for the technician to perform multiple services as the same time. With finish to match chair accent design and clear gel-coat outer layer resistant to most chemical including acetone.

Other Features
– PureFlo Jet (Standard)
• The popular Magnet™ Pipeless System (optional +150)
– Ensures proper hygiene through ease of cleaning
– Reduced maintenance
– Helps you maintain hygiene and sanitation standards and compliance with local regulations
– No more leaking pipes!
• Chromatherapy Technology Light
The most advanced chromatherapy solution yet, it has been designed to deliver the richest color in the broadest spectrum available in chromatherapy. Designed to give the spa an upper class look and feel, this advanced technology light supports an array of colors
• Polished chrome pullout hand sprayer for easy cleansing
Easy access on/off push button switch for whirlpool operation
• Multiple color options to choose from.

Optional Upgrades $200
• Power Discharge Drain Pump
Engineered and manufactured in Germany, the highest quality discharge pump available. This pump will quickly and efficiently drain the tub and requires very little maintenance.. (Note: This pump is only required if you are not draining water directly into an adjacent floor drain.) (Please be specific when ordering)

Pedicure Chair Specifications:

Dimensions – 53″L x 30″W x 54″H
Tub Capacity – 4.5 US gal.
Drain Source – 1-1/4″ drain. 1/2″ if discharge installed. Must meet local plumbing codes using schedule 40 drain pipe and appropriate traps.
Water Source – 1/2″ pipe thread fitting hot and cold. Must meet local plumbing codes. Normal water pressure of 30 – 120 PSI required. Backflow preventer V00275 installed.
Electrical – 2 Whirlpool Ultra CleanJet™ 1/5hp 120V 2AMP 60hz. Discharge pump 110V 5.5AMP 60hz. Must meet local codes. Ground fault interrupter required.
Certifications – CSA approved & UL listed

Lần sửa cuối bởi duongjino - 20/07/2019 lúc 05:54 PM
RegalNailStore - Sale Hot -17% Alden 75i Pedicure Spa Chair | Thẩm mỹ, chăm sóc sắc đẹp, 9.9 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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